Alan Franklin

China Repairs and Specialist Ceramic Restoration

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Most items brought to the workshop require to be restored 'aesthetically invisibly', however we can also repair to a high standard employing what is called a 'conservation repair' whereby the item is cleaned, stabilised and properly adhered, then any remaining visible cracks are dealt with using a polished, colour epoxy fill to render your items suitable for display, naturally this involves less work than a full restoration, is consequentially less expensive and is often considered a good alternative. The level of restoration required can be discussed in the studio or via email.

Items brought in or sent via courier, that need to be cleaned or which show evidence of an historical repair will need to be chemically cleaned to reveal any hidden or latent damage, such pieces will incur an initial charge, which, if the job is accepted this initial consideration will be deducted from the final cost. If however the job is declined this fee will be payable before the item can be collected/returned.

It is impossible to give any indication of pricing until items are physically examined or high quality digital images are supplied, it is not our practice under any circumstances to differ from this policy.