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China Repairs and Specialist Ceramic Restoration

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Most items brought to the workshop require to be restored 'aesthetically invisibly', however we can also repair to a high standard employing what is called a 'conservation repair' whereby the item is cleaned, stabilised and properly adhered, then any remaining visible cracks are dealt with using a polished, colour epoxy fill to render your items suitable for display, naturally this involves less work than a full restoration, is consequentially less expensive and is often considered a good alternative.

To prevent any misapprehension or misunderstanding it is no longer our policy to email restoration costs from images alone as there are many variables & much more detail required to ensure even a modicum of accuracy. The old adage that a picture tells a thousand words is a fallacy as far as ceramic restoration is concerned. A true, fair and honest estimate can only be given after a physical examination. You are welcome to send any high quality images for a 'best guess', but please bear in mind that to the untrained eye there can be defects to a piece which remain undetected until undergoing a thorough physical examination. It is best therefore to let me actually see your damaged items for an estimate (or a quote if the object is subject to an insurance claim). In this instance please telephone to make an appointment. Our email address for submitting images is: or simply go to our Contacts page for ease of use.