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1. Deposit - A deposit may be required before work is started.

2. Payment - Merchandise is to be paid for in full when work is completed.

3. Merchandise must be collected/redelivered within thirty days after being notified of completion. Thereafter a storage charge of £1 per day will be charged. After 6 months the title of the objects will pass to the restorer who shall be free to sell the same and from the net proceeds to recover such sums as may be due to the restorer under this agreement. The restorer shall then hold the balance of the proceeds (if any) for the client for a further period of 12 months after such sale but shall thereafter be entitled to retain the same for the restorers benefit if not claimed by the client by the end of that period.

4. All completed items must be collected in person.

5. Insurance - The object(s) remain the entire risk of the client. It is accordingly the client's responsibility to insure the object(s) in such sums and for such risks as the client shall see fit (including transit cover) and not such insurance shall be taken out by the restorer.

6. The price - Where an estimate is given by the restorer such estimate is open for acceptance by the client for a period of two months failing which it may at the sole discretion of the restorer be revised. The restorer will endeavour to ensure that the final price chargeable to the client is within the estimate (plus any agreed additional costs) but reserves the right to increase the price above the estimate where the work proves to be greater/more time consuming than originally accepted.

7. Cancellation - Where the restorer has commenced the work and this agreement is cancelled by the client prior to completion the restorer shall in lieu of damages for breach of contract be entitled to require the payment of that part of the estimated price proportionate to the amount of work carried out.

8. Completion - Unless the contrary appears in the particulars the restorer shall notify the client of completion of work by email, telephone/text to the address or telephone number for the clients noted in the particulars. It is the client's responsibility to notify any change of address or telephone number.

9. Duration - The restorer will endeavour to complete the work with all due diligence but any dates given or periods of time quoted are estimates only and shall not be the ground for any claim or loss compensation against the restorer.

10. The Work - The restorer will carry out the restoration/conservation work specified to the object or objects. Whilst the restorer will endeavour to carry out the work with reasonable care no responsibility to the client is undertaken to that effect and the restorer shall in no circumstances be liable to the client far any damage, loss, destruction, or loss of value of the object whether or not caused by negligence of the restorer or any other person and howsoever caused.

11. All work is guaranteed for appearance not for function or structure.

12. All guarantees are void when sold or given to another party.

13. Items are not guaranteed to be used for food related purposes including eating, drinking, serving and cooking. It is suggested you use your own discretion.

14. Copyright - The restorer retains the copyright in all reports, drawings or photographs prepared under this agreement which may not be produced in whole or part without the restorer's consent which may be given on terms or declined with or without reason.

15. This agreement is governed by the providence of English Law.